We know that how a claim is handled can be as important as the outcome itself. 

Our goal is to deliver exceptional claims service that gives you confidence and peace of mind and, quite simply, makes you want to keep doing business with us.

Commitment to Service

The claims management process can be complex. We aim to keep it simple and tailor our approach to your needs and preferences. Working with you, our claims professionals assist the insurance carriers in their prompt investigation, evaluation and strategy development to bring your claim to resolution. Where we have a duty to defend, we will work with you to determine, as early as possible, your preferred approach and whether your claim is one to settle or defend. 

In the event of an insured first-party loss, following a final determination of coverage and confirmation of value of covered damages, we have the ability to approve covered payments of up to 50% of our estimate. We’ll work with you to understand your situation and make additional funding available if possible.

Commitment to a Proactive and Responsive Approach

Being there when you need us is what we do. We value a personal connection, and are committed to: 

  • Working with you to pay covered claims within a period that meets your business needs, in most instances within five business days.

  • Contacting you, or your representative, within one business day of receiving your loss notification where we lead your primary claims.

  • Returning your phone calls and emails within one business day. When out of the office, we’ll provide additional contacts should you need immediate assistance.

  • Completing initial investigations on your claims, in most instances, within 30 days.

Commitment to Transparency

Our claims commitment means being open and transparent in our communications. We’ll share our coverage position with you as quickly as possible, and will always be available to answer your questions. We’ll only reserve our rights when necessary and not as a standard practice. If we do reserve our rights or need to issue a disclaimer, we’ll contact you or your broker to explain our reasoning and address any concerns.

You won’t see us hide behind appointed experts or lawyers. When we do engage third parties, we’ll ensure they share our service values so your claims experience is always held to the same high standards.

What does our Claims Commitment mean for you?

Exceptional claims service means much more than a promise to pay. It also means:

  • Your claim will be managed proactively, fairly and with great care. 

  • We will listen to and respect your point of view, look to understand your needs, and be there when you need us.

  • We are committed to building a foundation of trust based on open, transparent communication – even before a claim occurs.

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Disclaimer: Coalition may provide technical and analytical services to its insurance carriers in the handling of claims administered under this insurance program.

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