Almost no time whatsoever!  In most cases your broker can generate a quote in less than a minute (although we've never seen it take more than four!).  Once you are ready to proceed, your broker can go online and bind coverage (i.e., start coverage) immediately.  

Once coverage is bound, you will be asked to electronically sign the online insurance application submitted by your broker during the quotation process.  Once this application is signed (and subject to timely payment of the premium amount owed), your insurance policy will be issued and made available to you and your broker in our online dashboard.  That's it, you're covered!

Do note that, in some cases, requests for quotation may require additional underwriting review.  During this review we may request additional information from you in order to process your quote.  To the extent possible, it is our aim to provide quotations to qualifying applicants within 24 hours (subject to the availability of any additional information requested).  

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