Subject to our underwriting processes, any US based company (with a principal business address in the US) within a covered industry, and with revenue below US$1 billion is eligible to purchase insurance coverage from Coalition.  To get a quote, please contact an appointed Coalition insurance broker.  If you don't have an insurance broker, or if your broker doesn't offer Coalition, get in touch with us and we'll help you out:

During the quotation process, our underwriting algorithms consider various aspects of your business including your industry, financial and operational indicators, as well as your security and risk posture.  We use this information to determine coverage eligibility, and to quote the premium for the coverage(s) selected.

At this time, we are unable to provide coverage to companies in certain industries such as payment processors, data aggregators, casinos & gaming, or cannabis/marijuana (anything with 'direct touch' such as growers, harvesters, dispensaries, and retail), among others.  If you have any trouble receiving a quotation, or have additional questions on our underwriting guidelines, feel free to reach out.

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