1. How does Coalition's Multi-Quote tool improve my quoting experience?

    Brokers can save time quoting, generating and comparing up to three quotes in one consolidated document. You can compare multiple coverage options, helping streamline the decision making for your clients.

  2. How do I create multiple quotes for one client?

    Take a look at this video to learn how to use the multi-quote function.

  3. How many quotes can you compare?

    Brokers can now quote up to three options with varying limits and deductibles.

  4. Can I use multi-quote for both admitted and surplus policies?

    You will be able to compare either admitted or surplus policies in one multi-quote comparison document, not both.

  5. Can I modify coverage with multi-quote capabilities?

    Yes, you will be able to modify limits and deductibles one quote at a time within the multi-quote experience. If you would like to amend sub-limits under any quote, the Coalition team will manually make these changes for you. Just reach out to your local BD to make these changes.

  6. Can I generate multiple quotes with different insuring agreements and coverage?

    You will be able to generate multiple quotes where you can amend limits and deductibles, however any modifications to coverage need to be done individually.

  7. What if my quote status is different for each limit/deductible option (Example: one quote shows “Active”, and the other quote has an “Under Review” status)?

    Different quote statuses indicate the varying stages of our underwriting process. If you receive an “Active” quote with a price you may present this option to your client. We will send you the “Under Review” quote (along with the price) as soon as the review process is completed by our team, along with a revised comparison document, displaying all available options.

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