Retailer: Will my wholesaler be CC’d on all Coalition emails?

  • For the most part, yes. Your wholesaler will be CC’d or BCC’d on most emails, like quotes, binds, policy issuance, and renewals.

Retailer: My wholesaler has an amendatory with Coalition. Do I get that, too?

  • Yes! This actually already happens today at an agency level if your wholesaler has an amendatory. Going forward, we will extend the logic to automatically provide the wholesaler’s amendatory coverage to the retailer automatically. This can help retailers get better coverage for their clients and win business.

Retailer: What will I see on the policy details page in Coalition's platform?

  • You’ll be able to see everything we show: Policy, owners, market, effective dates, renewal status, documents, etc. The only information withheld is the invoice to the wholesaler.

Retailer: Can I see my accounts once they bind?

  • Yes! You will be able to see all activity on your accounts from first quote to last renewal. You'll be able to access the information related to the policy as well as all future renewal activity.

Retailer: How do renewals work?

  • In the updated Retail Connect program, retailers play a much larger role in renewals. 90 days prior to expiration, we will update you whether the policy will auto renewal or require updated underwriting information. At each step of the way, you as the retailer will be our main point of contact (with your wholesaler cc’d on internal communications). If there are price or coverage changes, you’ll be informed immediately as opposed to receiving updates from your wholesaler (in the previous process).

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