Retailer: Will my name appear on the quote documents in the Retail Connect program?

  • Given your wholesaler is technically the Broker of Record, his or her name will appear on the quote document. With that said, you will receive all email communication directly addressed to you.

Retailer: What happens to my quotes and policies if I switch wholesalers?

  • Unfortunately, switching wholesalers will result in a loss of access to your prior accounts (unless they release via BOR to transfer to you). Given the wholesaler is the licensed broker and broker of record, we’re obligated to keep the accounts with them. We’re happy to provide you a list of all quotes and policies. With that said, once you pair with a new wholesaler, you’ll begin seeing any the new activity you generate in that relationship.

Retailer: What happens to my quotes if my wholesaler leaves his/her agency?

  • In the event your wholesaler leaves, we’ll move your accounts to another wholesaler at the same agency (or a different agency with a BoR release). We’re happy to coordinate with you to figure out who that should be. All new quotes will be paired with the new wholesaler and your old quotes will remain visible to you linked to the new wholesaler.

Retailer: How does binding work?

  • In the Retail Connect program, the wholesaler is the broker of record and licensed holder. Given this, we need the wholesaler’s approval to bind. This can be down in two ways:

    • Bind directly in the platform (preferred!): In the platform, you can “Request Bind Approval” from your wholesaler by clicking “Request Bind Approval” on the quote details page. Once you add the insured's email address, your wholesaler will receive an email requesting approval, and once he or she approves, your insured will automatically receive a copy of the signature bundle.

    • Bind via email: If you’d prefer to bind manually via email, we can support that, too. Email [email protected] with the signed signature bundle, desired effective date, and policyholder email. Important: Please make sure to CC your wholesaler – we need their approval. Once your wholesaler approves, we’ll bind the business and issue the policy.

Retailer: How does billing work?

  • Coalition supports agency pay billing for the broker of record (wholesaler). We will bill the wholesaler for the premium amount net of wholesaler commission. We do not collect taxes and fees. It will be up to the wholesaler and retailer to manage payment for their commission split. Each policy sold will generate a separate invoice (sent to wholesaler).

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