Wholesaler: Can I charge fees in the Retail Connect program?

  • Yes, wholesalers can charge fees on any surplus line policy. These fees can be basic ($100 per policy) or quite nuanced (Premium under $15k = 3% fee with a minimum of $300; Premium $15k or above = 2% fee). Our intent is to create a flexible fee schedule that makes the program economics worthwhile for wholesalers. Note: a wholesaler can only set one fee schedule per retail agency.

Wholesaler: Will my commission show on the quotes my retailers create?

  • No. Your commission is private to you and not something we will disclose to your retailers. Your quotes will show any added fees, however. This is important so that the client knows the final amount owed, including any applicable taxes and fees.

Wholesaler: Do you support sub-producer billing (i.e. invoicing via the retailer)?

  • No, sadly... This is something we’d like to build in the future, but haven’t included just yet. For now, billing will be limited to standard agency pay via the wholesaler (broker of record). Coalition will invoice the wholesaler for the amount due on a per account basis, net of commission, fees, and taxes. It remains your responsibility as the wholesaler to work out the commission split with the retailer.

Wholesaler: Will my retailer see the invoice on the platform?

  • No, retailers will not see an invoice on the platform. They will not know your commission amount from the invoice given they cannot see it.

Wholesaler: Can I set up different fees for different retailers?

  • Yes, you can set up independent fee schedules per retail agency. We, however, cannot support two different retail agents at the same agency having a different fee schedule. Please note, we cannot modify your commission per retailer.

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