Wholesaler: What happens if my retailer moves firms (and Coalition deactivates his/her account)?

  • There are a few reasons your retailer may become deactivated from Coalition. We’ve outlined a playbook for each to ensure you and your clients have a good experience.

    • Retailer moves to another firm: If your retailer moves to a new retailer, they can relink their new account to you as a wholesaler. You as the wholesaler will maintain access to all the prior accounts. The retailer, depending on their agreement with their prior firm, may be able to transfer those accounts to be linked to their new retail agency. If not, the retailer would lose access to them. You’d have the option to link them to another retail broker at the old agency, if you’d like.

    • Retailer leaves insurance altogether: If the retailer is now longer active in insurance, we’d recommend moving the accounts to another retailer at the same agency. You as the wholesaler will retain all visibility and broker of record status. The newly appointed retailer will gain all of the access / information as the prior retailer.

Wholesaler: Can I “breakup” with a retailer?

  • Yes. If for any reason you wish to prevent a retailer from quoting on your behalf, please let us know. We will happily disconnect them from your account. All existing business with that retailer will remain under your license, making you responsible for the renewal process. If you wish to move to the retailer directly/via a different wholesaler, we can work that out, too. We will not email your retailer to handle renewals once disassociated. Barring any violations of Coalition’s terms of service, your retailer will have the ability to partner with a different wholesaler, if they choose.

Wholesaler: What if one of my retailers tries to signup up with a different wholesalers?

  • Once a retailer is linked to you for a given line of insurance (i.e. cyber or management liability), they can only work with you. If they attempt to signup with a new retailer (using the same email address), we will politely let them know they’re already working with someone else (you!) via an email to the retailer. With that said, if a retailer wishes to switch wholesalers, we will honor that and switch their settings internally. You will keep all existing accounts and ongoing renewals given you are the broker of record and licensed individual (unless you instruct us to move the accounts).

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