Wholesaler: How will I know when a retailer creates a quote?

  • There are two ways to stay in the loop. First, you can see all activity in real time on your Coalition dashboard. In addition, we will CC you on your retailers quotes, bind requests, and policy issuance. We know email is your main channel, so you can stay up to speed without leaving your inbox.

Wholesaler: How will I know when a retailer wants to bind an option?

  • When your retailers want to bind, they can do one of two things:

    • First, and preferably, your retailer can “Request Bind Approval” on the quote in the Coalition Broker dashboard. This will enable the retailer to select the effective date, enter the policyholder email address, and start the electronic signature process. At this point, you’ll receive an email with the ability to approve in just two clicks. You may also bind a quote directly without your retailers "request" given you are the licensed broker of record.

    • Alternatively, you or your retailer can submit the signed signature bundle to our operations team at [email protected]. If you’ve submitted directly, we’ll simply bind. If your retailer has submitted, we’ll ask for your approval prior to binding given the bind must occur under your license.

Wholesaler: Can I limit my retailers to only quote surplus lines?

  • Yes, though your retailers will have access to both surplus and admitted lines by default. If you’d like to limit your retailers ability to quote to one specific line only (surplus or admitted), that is possible. Simply email us to get that set up.

Wholesaler: Can I create a new quote in a Retail Connect account to help my retailer?

  • Sure, that’s nice of you! Yes, you can create a new option just as you would on a non-Retail Connect account. Simply click “create new option” on the quote card in the dashboard and modify the quote however you’d like – increase retention, decrease limit, change coverage – it’s in your control. Your retailer will be notified that the quote has been created via email.

Wholesaler: Can I enable my retailers (or some of them) to bind automatically?

  • Binding still requires your approval as a wholesaler. You are the licensed broker and broker of record, meaning we need your eyes on anything that binds. If you cannot login to the portal to approve, you can simply send an “approved” email to [email protected] with the signed signature bundle. We don’t want to make this complicated, but as the Broker of Record binding must route through you for compliance reasons.

Wholesaler: Can I bind a Retail Connect quote to help my retailer?

  • Yes, that’s also nice of you. A wholesaler can bind a quote created on his/her behalf by a Retail Connect retailer given the wholesaler is the licensed broker of record. The retailer will be CC’d when you bind this. Note: the wholesaler will still need to provide a policyholder email on Coalition’s platform.

Wholesaler: Will Retail Connect work for both Cyber and Executive Risk?

  • Coming soon! Today, Retail Connect is only available for cyber. We're excited to support Executive Risk in the future.

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