Wholesaler: How can I invite my retailers?

  • Every wholesaler is eligible to invite retailers to join them in the Retail Connect program. Simply email us at [email protected] with the retailer you'd like to set up, and we'll be happy to link them to you.

Wholesaler: What will my retailers see when they create a quote?

  • After creating a quote, your retailers will receive an email from Coalition with the Coalition Risk Assessment, Quotation, Specimen Policy, and Signature Bundle attached. These documents will be exactly the same (as if you quoted it yourself). The documents will reflect any fee you've established, while withholding your wholesaler commission.

Wholesaler: How many retailers can I work with?

  • As many as you want! There is no limit to how many retailers can be paired with a wholesaler. The only constraint we enforce is that a retailer may only work with one wholesaler per “line” (i.e. Cyber, Executive Risk). To make this into a concrete example, Sam (Retailer) can work with both Jamie (Wholesaler) for Cyber and Ryan (Wholesaler) for Executive Risk. But, Sam cannot work with both Andy and Ryan for cyber. The retailer must pick one wholesaler for each insurance “line”.

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