Where do we send submissions?

We will have a separate submissions inbox for Exec Risk submissions ([email protected]).

Do you handle your own claims?

Zurich will handle all claims directly with the insured. The Coalition team will work closely with the Zurich claims team.

How is this product similar to what you do for cyber?

Our #1 ask from brokers was “when can you do for D&O what you did for cyber,” so we’ve done just that - we have specific Executive Risks data to add value to every part of our process, an amazing quote platform, risk management services policyholders will use and tools for brokers.

Do you only focus on the “easy” business?

We are set up to handle high volume small business efficiently so we can get to all submissions sent to us. However, we can consider risks that fall under what the market perceives to be higher risk, including car dealerships, property managers, mining, technology, accountants, architects, engineers.

Do you have a blocking process with Zurich?

We expect it to be rare for both Zurich and Coalition to see the same submission. We do have a process in place to resolve this issue if we both see the same submission.

Why does the platform sometimes have more questions?

We dynamically ask more questions for large or complex business.

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