Once you’re inside Coalition Control (free account sign up is here), the ‘Invite’ button can be used to invite other users, both inside and outside of your organization.

To invite users from within your own organization to see the security information of your organization and any third-party Watchlist monitors, simply enter their email address as seen below.

In addition, ‘Invite’ can also be used to invite colleagues outside of your organization and will send them an invitation to sign up for view-only access to your organization’s information and recommendations.

This feature is especially valuable in a number of cases:

Inviting Internal IT Teams

Invite your colleagues to view your organization's security information and recommendations inside Coalition Control.

Inviting External Vendors (MSP, MSSP, Security Analysts)

Invite your external collaborators to view your organization's security information and recommendations. Managed service providers, managed security service providers, consultants, and external analysts can view the security information of companies that invite them from inside Coalition Control

**Note that inviting external viewers will give them access to your information using the email address from the invitation. Invite at your discretion.

Should those invited users also want access to their own organization's information inside Coalition Control, they should sign up and create an account using a different email address on the same domain. By way of example, if [email protected][.]com was invited by [email protected][.]com to view the security information of 456customer.com, [email protected][.]com can create their own Coalition Control account for 123corp.com by signing up with [email protected][.]com. This will create a free Coalition Control account for 'user' to monitor their domain 123corp.com

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