Coalition Control is the account home for all Coalition policyholders and technology customers, combining insurance, technology, and services from Coalition and its partners into a unified, dynamic online experience.

You only need a business email address to create an account with Coalition Control. From there, our technology gets to work scanning your domain, searching for vulnerabilities and presenting you with recommendations to remediate any discovered vulnerabilities and cybersecurity risks.

Sign up for Coalition Control free at https://control.coalitioninc.com

Platform Features

Risk Summary & Ranking

Powered by Coalition's proprietary technology, claims data, and public information, every company gets a risk ranking that shows how it compares to others in its industry. Risk rankings span from one (low risk) to 100 (high risk) and are used to provide executives and security professionals with a quantitative summary of their overall posture. Risk summaries and rankings change over time as new vulnerabilities are discovered and older risks are remediated.

Coalition Risk Assessment

The Coalition Risk Assessment (CRA) is a comprehensive report on the risk profile of a company. Like the Risk Summary & Ranking, it changes over time and in parallel, and the CRA is downloadable on demand inside Coalition Control.

Invite Colleagues & Join Community

Any user from a company can invite others within their organization to join them inside Coalition Control. The ‘Invite’ button is a global feature found in the navigation bar across all pages within the platform. Coalition’s exclusive community of security professionals and enthusiasts is available to all users.

Coalition Technology

Automated Scanning & Monitoring

Automated Scanning & Monitoring (ASM) is a Coalition technology that finds online assets, assesses their vulnerabilities, and recommends remediation actions. Every company has the Free version included in Coalition Control, and the Upgraded version is available by subscription or included free with any Coalition cyber insurance policy.

Free ASM Features

Lite Scanning scans the 250 most-commonly compromised ports once per quarter and reports on the following discoveries:

Domains & Assets

See all subdomains, DNS records, and IP addresses on an organization’s main domain.


See which technologies are running and connected to the public internet and where.

Data Leaks

Learn if any company information or employee data has been leaked in a data breach, and if so, when and where.

Upgraded and Policyholder ASM Features

Extended Scanning increases an organization’s coverage to all 65,535 ports, once per month, and includes API access and Lite Scanning of up to four third-party domains. It includes all of the Lite features plus:


Find registered domains that could be impersonating or encroaching on the organization’s brand.


See if any torrents are active on the organization’s domain as a possible malware or data exfiltration vector.


See if an organization is sending traffic to Coalition’s global network of honeypots collecting signals for indicators of compromise.


Search for keywords of sensitive information on open fileshares, databases or pastebins as potential leaks.

Data (powered by BinaryEdge)

The same raw data that powers Coalition risk modeling and security intelligence is available for organizations to enable their own security teams to do research and build tools that help keep them safe. Available by subscription as an interactive web portal and API.

Partner Technology

Coalition partners with leading cybersecurity providers to facilitate the adoption of comprehensive technology solutions that lower risk and mitigate potential threats. This growing list of partners includes identity and access management (IAM), endpoint detection and response (EDR), security awareness training, and more. Coalition policyholders enjoy exclusive savings on these world class cybersecurity solutions.

Coalition Insurance

Coalition policyholders can view and download their existing insurance policies from inside Coalition Control. Policy details including coverage, limits, retention, effective dates, and broker contacts are presented for easy access by the organization.

Coalition Services

Coalition Incident Response (CIR) is the team of in-house security experts for coaching policyholders through cybersecurity events and leading investigations into ransomware, business email compromise, digital forensics, and log analysis. CIR services are free to policyholders in the event of a covered claim.

When investigations do result in a claim, the Coalition claims team stands ready to help mitigate any disruption to a policyholder’s business with 24/7 access in the United States and Canada.

We are constantly adding features and functionality to Coalition Control. The best way to find out about and stay on top of all of our new product releases is to create a Coalition Control account for your organization and get updates as they happen.

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