It’s happened! You think you have suffered a data breach or security failure. What do you do? Who do you call? You will need both immediate assistance and ongoing support to successfully manage the event. That’s why we provide both Breach Response Services and Breach Response Costs Coverage.

Breach Response Services - Immediate Help When You Need It

These are Coalition's risk mitigation services provided to you when you're facing an incident or potential incident. These services are offered on all quotes, outside the limits, and with a $0 retention. Breach Response Services include:

  • Access to our 24/7 hotline

  • Two hours of consultation and legal advice from our panel providers

  • Consultation, initial forensics and intelligence gathering by our breach response services advisor

Breach Response Costs - Ongoing Support

This is Coalition's coverage for the costs to manage the breach after our initial response. Breach Response Costs include:

  • Ongoing legal and forensic services

  • Notification of regulators and affected individuals

  • Credit monitoring and identity restoration services for affected individuals

In many cases, Breach Response Costs coverage is also provided as an additional limit equal to your policy’s overall limit for other coverages.

Please read your policy for all coverages, terms, exclusions, and conditions.

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