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Criminal actors commonly register domain names that appear similar to an organization’s or its partners’ domain names. Very often, these emails contain intimate knowledge of company procedures by virtue of their access to a compromised email account. While it can be easier to spot typos in an organization’s own domain, it can be very difficult to do so for vendors and partners, and all can be potential vectors of compromise.

These deceptive tactics are referred to as phishing attacks, and they can cost your customers money – and can cost you your customers’ trust.

Phishing Coverage

Coalition's Phishing coverage protects you by paying the costs for:

  • Legal and public relations professionals to create and publish a press release or establish a website advising your customers and prospective customers of a phishing attack 

  • Reimbursing your existing customers for their loss of money or tangible property directly resulting from a phishing attack

  • A third party to arrange for the removal of websites designed to impersonate you.

Sub-limit may apply; Please read your policy for all coverages, terms, exclusions, and conditions.

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