Coalition’s coverage for Direct and Contingent Business Interruption will cover losses that result from the partial or complete interruption of your computer systems, or those of a cloud provider, due to a cybersecurity failure or systems failure.

 This coverage may apply in a number of situations, including:

  • A ransomware attack shuts down your company’s critical systems

  • Your Software as a Service provider is shut down by a hacker

  • A denial of  service attack shuts down your website

In circumstances like these, Coalition would not only cover your lost income due to the business interruption, but any extra expenses to keep your business running during the outage and get it back online.

Note: The coverage is limited to incidents that exceed a designated waiting period specific to the type of systems failure (such as a network outage resulting from a denial of service attack). Exact waiting periods are designated in our policy specimens. If an outage exceeds the waiting period, the entire outage is covered subject to the retention shown on the policy.

Please read your policy for all coverages, terms, exclusions, and conditions.

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