Macros are small pieces of code that can be embedded (or hidden) into a document - most often found in Microsoft Word and Excel documents. Attackers often embed macros into documents that, once opened, download new malware/ransomware and infect your network.

There are legitimate uses for Macros. However, most individuals and businesses do not have a legitimate use for macros and never notice when they are disabled. Below you will learn how to disable Macros in Microsoft Office.

  1. Open Microsoft Word, and click "Options"

2. In the resulting screen, click "Trust Center" on the left, then select the "Trust Center Settings" button on the right.

3. Next, select "Macro Settings" in the left screen. Then, in the right pane, select "Disable all macros with warning" and Click "OK". 

4. Repeat this process in Excel

That's all there is to it! Reach out to us if you need further help!

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