Our online quoting portal already allows you to quote, rate, and bind in under 4 minutes, but that didn’t stop us from asking if we could make it even better! We heard from many of you the request to organize quotes on your dashboard and search for things more easily, especially when you have a lot of business with Coalition. 

We have now revamped and re-organized our quoting platform around your clients, making it easier for you to: 

  • Search for quotes/policies/clients

  • See quotes grouped together by the client they belong to

  • Access a page for each client with quotes and policies for that client

Search clients, quotes, and policies easily

The new client view also includes a search bar on quoting platform that allows you to directly search for any client or any quote/policy based on the Coalition Policy Number. Simply start typing and with one click, access any client, quote, or policy.

View quotes organized by client

The quoting platform and dashboard are now organized around clients, making it easier for you to identify the accounts to which individual quotes belong to. Viewing a quote is same as before - simply click on a quote to view its details. 

Access everything associated with a client easily
With the new Client View, there is a page associated with each unique client on the quoting platform that includes all quotes as well as any active policies in effect for that client. You can use this option to quickly see the different quote options created for the client and compare them easily. 

Other features

The specimen policy forms that were previously on the dashboard page, quotes page and the policies page is now accessible within the Resources page.

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