After you sign your policy, you will receive an email to log in to your new policyholder dashboard. This is where you can get access to all Coalition services, including your Cyber Risk Assessment.

The Policyholder Dashboard is divided into 3 sections, and can be accessed in the headers at the top of your screen.


The apps section is where you can access all of your new technical services that come with your policy. This includes your risk assessment and all the partner opportunities available with your policy.

Notably, you can also regenerate your Cyber Risk Assessment on this screen when you need it.  Just log in and your report will be regenerated and available for immediate download.

My Policy

The My Policy tab shows all the relevant information about your policy, including limits, coverage included, and your signed policy bundle!


The claims tab is where you find information on how to file a claim and what services are immediately available. Please familiarize yourself with this page and add us to your Incident Response plan!

Take a look at your policyholder dashboard and reach out if you need any assistance! 

For more information on this topic please reach out to us; we’re here to help!

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