Coalition performs continual cybersecurity risk assessments (CRA) on all our insureds. In the process of performing these assessments, we collect a lot of information that we make available to our insureds. New policyholders can log in to their Policyholder Dashboard and download their risk assessment at any time. You can also generate an entirely new risk assessment on-demand and at any time!

Your Free CRA Includes...

  • Critical alerts and remediation advice

  • Customized security recommendations for your organization

  • Analysis of all discovered servers and assets for known security vulnerabilities

  • Analysis of all suspicious and vulnerable ports

  • Darkweb scan to find stolen data and credentials related to your organization

  • Technology vulnerability detection and patch manager

This service is available to all Coalition policy holders at any time! Learn more about reading your risk assessment here. 

For more information on this topic please reach out to us; we’re here to help!

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