There are a number of security software products and modules available to help secure your WordPress environment. Due to the overwhelming number of products on the market, this article will not necessarily recommend any one product – rather, we’ll discuss the types of products available along with some recommendations for tools to look into further.

Web Application Proxies and Firewalls

As discussed in a previous article, Web Application Firewall solutions are incredibly powerful in the fight against WordPress compromise. These applications generally don’t require much server integration and can be set up fairly easily. 

Examples include:

Security Plugins

In addition to 3rd Party Proxies and Firewalls, a number of tools exist to not only provide some level of WAF functionality but to also add easily features like 2-factor authentication and to implement security best practices. 

Example Security Plugins:

  • WordFence

  • All in One WP Security

  • iThemes Security (Formerly Better WP Security)

  • BulletProof Security

Note: It’s always important to download only trusted and reviewed plugins. Do your research prior to installing ANY plugins in WordPress.

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