Your Coalition Risk Assessment (CRA) is designed to help you understand your overall cybersecurity risk. In your report, you'll notice that Coalition provides a ranking similar to the graphic below. This ranking shows your current cybersecurity risk posture in relation to all other Coalition policyholders.

If I fix the issues found in the CRA, will my ranking go up?

Risk Rankings take a lot of data into account. While your ranking will likely improve, it's essential to understand that this ranking is determined relative to all other policyholders. If you were to fix your CRA-related issues and all other policyholders did not, your ranking would logically improve. Alternatively, if you fixed some of your CRA issues, but everyone else did as well, you would likely see no meaningful difference in your rankings.

If I fix the issues found in the CRA, will my premiums go down?

Not necessarily. The CRA is provided to help you make your systems more secure. However, this is only a small portion of the data we collect and analyze. Behind the scenes, Coalition engineers are working to accurately determine new areas of risk in ways that are not reflected in the CRA. The collection of this technical data, along with other business and intelligence data, combines to determine your pricing.

The risk rankings are just one small portion of the CRA. We recommend focusing on addressing the specific technical items in the document rather than focusing on a score. For more information on this topic, please reach out to us; we’re here to help!

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