Coalition provides all policyholders with a convenient dashboard to manage cyber policies and configure apps. When a policyholder binds a quote, they are given login credentials to access the dashboard.

Policyholders can log into their Coalition dashboard at

From the Policyholder Dashboard, our policyholders have access to:

  1. Their cyber insurance policy details and documents
  2. Their customized Cyber Risk Assessment
  3. Information about Coalition's ongoing monitoring services
  4. Partner security apps and configurations

Regular Scanning

All Coalition policyholders receive regularly occurring scans an insured's public-facing infrastructure using non-penetrative methods to detect potential threats and vulnerabilities to the company. 

Cyber Risk Assessment

Policyholders can access the results of the most recent scan by downloading their Cyber Risk Assessment. The data in the document includes:

  • Details about any critical infrastructure vulnerabilities
  • Domain misconfigurations
  • Exposed employee information

Ongoing Monitoring

In addition to the information found in the dashboard, Coalition continuously monitors policyholders' public-facing infrastructure and will proactively send email alerts whenever new vulnerabilities or threats are discovered.

Example Security Alert


Coalition has built partnerships with companies that we believe greatly improve the security posture of our insureds.

  • BinaryEdge - Enterprise-grade security analysis
  • Curricula - Security awareness training
  • Cloudflare - Anti-DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection
  • HackerOne - Vulnerability disclosure program
  • Avast - Anti-ransomware software

For more information on this topic, please reach out to us; we’re here to help!

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