With our Invoice Manipulation endorsement, you are now!

In our continued efforts to help our insureds during a security failure, Coalition is proud to offer our market-leading Invoice Manipulation endorsement.

With this coverage, if you suffer a security failure and a third party pays a fraudulent invoice due to the security failure, Coalition will pay the losses you suffer. This covers your inability to collect payment for any form of goods, products, or services that you might have provided to a customer.

While this may not seem important, imagine a situation where your office suffers a business email compromise (BEC). During the BEC, the bad actor sends a fraudulent invoice for services you provided to your customer. As a trusted email, the customer receives the invoice and pays accordingly, but pays the bad actor. You are now out the money. What would you do? Thankfully, Coalition offers this coverage.

Invoice Manipulation is offered on policies in the surplus lines market and requires Funds Transfer Fraud coverage.

Please read your policy for all coverages, terms, exclusions, and conditions.

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