A good data backup can mean the difference between a full loss and a full recovery after an incident. To help understand your backup options, Coalition recommends the following best-practices:

Backup Strategy

  • Maintain backups both on and off site for critical business data

  • Make sure that the backups will withstand a ransomware attack, for example: Versioning in a cloud service or offline tape or hard drive rotation

  • Test backups regularly. When you need your backups, you want to make sure they have working. ┬áRestore a file or multiple files to make sure it works

Cloud Backup Solutions (make sure to use strong authentication with Cloud services)

  • Backblaze

  • Acronis

  • iDrive

  • Crashplan

To reiterate an often-overlooked point: You must test your backups by trying a full recovery. It is extremely common for organizations to only test their backups when they actually need them - and failures are extremely high when that is the case.

As always, Coalition is here to help you on your way. Please reach out to us for additional information!

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