Over 85% of cyber liability or tech E&O submissions sent to Coalition are provided a response/quote in four minutes or less. The remaining submissions need an extra look, which we call secondary review. These are accounts/submissions with exposures that require additional investigation before providing a response. These exposures and triggers may include:

  • Security concerns discovered by our technology and deep web scans

  • Requests for limits of $5M and above

  • Companies with over $100M of revenue/ratables

  • Sensitive industries such as Cryptocurrency and Healthcare

  • Prior claims history or knowledge of circumstances that could lead to a claim

When a submission triggers secondary review, we seek to make a decision on quote terms within 24 hours of submission. Potential decisions can include:

  1. Release of a Coalition quotation

  2. Declination (don't worry - this is rare!)

  3. Release of a Contingent quotation

Contingent Quotations

Contingent quotations are valid quotations subject to fulfilling stated contingencies. We utilize this to highlight the need to fix critical issues as well as ensuring accurate information is used. These contingencies can include items such as rectifying a serious security matter, providing additional information on a claim or security protocol, validating types of data/records collected by the potential policyholder, or confirmation of preliminary application information.

You may have already noticed these contingencies - in case you haven't, we indicate quotes are contingent in several ways:

  1. Emails you receive indicate that the quotes received are contingent upon satisfaction of stated conditions

  2. Coalition communicates contingencies via written response

  3. The "Conditions" section of the quote document (last section) also show the contingencies

  4. Quotes on your dashboard will indicate a "Contingent" status, as seen below

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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