We've done our best to ensure obtaining a quote is as seamless as possible.  This is no different for our admitted product – in fact, you'll notice most things are exactly the same as obtaining a surplus lines quote!

To help you identify whether your quote is an admitted or surplus lines quote, please look for the following:

Indicators for Admitted Quotes

  • When obtaining a quote and answering the questions, admitted quotes will have a grey bar at the top 

Indicators for Surplus Lines Quotes

  • Surplus lines quotes will include the sentence "Please be advised this quotation is for surplus lines coverage." on the first page of the quote (fourth page of the PDF).  Admitted quotes will not have this verbiage.

  • Surplus lines binders will include the sentence "As the surplus lines broker, it is your responsibility to comply with current state surplus lines stamping requirements prior to releasing the insurance contract to an insured and all other surplus lines laws." on the second page of the binder (second paragraph).  Admitted quotes will not have this verbiage

  • Surplus lines policies in nearly all states (with the exception of Washington DC and Indiana) have a surplus lines notice included in the first couple of pages.  Admitted quotes will not have this notice.

Applicable in the US market only.

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