Anything that saves time is valuable, so we’ve added options to make Coalition quotes easier for you to present without extra effort. At the agency level, you can choose whether your quotes display:

  • Commission (on by default)

  • Broker fees (off by default)

  • Surplus lines taxes and fees (off by default)

Example display of broker fees & surplus lines taxes and fees:

Broker fees
If you charge broker fees and want those displayed, Coalition makes it easy to display them on all quotations. Broker fees are state-specific, and may use various structures: flat fees, max fees, fees based on premium ranges, and percentage fees. 

If you'd like to enable broker fees, please fill out the Excel spreadsheet available below and return to us.

Please note that there are some state-specific broker fee restrictions.

Note: you are responsible for making sure your broker fees comply with state regulations, where applicable.

Surplus Lines taxes and fees
Want to enable display of state surplus lines taxes & fees? Just ask. 

Across 50 states and the District of Columbia, these taxes and state-driven fees will be calculated and displayed in 5 places:

  • Final stage of creating a quote, in the online portal

  • View Quote page, in the online portal (true for quote, bound quote, and policy)

  • Quote PDF

  • Binder PDF

  • Declaration page of Policy PDF

There's one state-level fee we do not calculate at the moment: the Local Government Policy Tax (LGPT) in the state of Kentucky. For this tax, we note on the quotation, "For KY LGPT tax, ask your broker". The tax amount is left blank, and next to the total amount we say "Total (KY LGPT tax not included)". 

If you have any questions on enabling taxes and fees, don't hesitate to contact us.

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