Coalition now offers a Cyber Risk Assessment (CRA), free of charge, to all policyholders and brokers. The CRA is generated based on a subset of Coalition’s underwriting platform data. We evaluate organizations the same way that cyber criminals do, using publicly available information about the organization’s security posture. Understanding these signals allows organizations to better understand and prevent cyber risk.

The CRA includes information on vulnerabilities, compromised credentials, and overall recommendations for the insured to help them understand their risk exposure and better their own security posture. We intend for this document to supplement the insured’s existing cybersecurity program.

For Policyholders
An up-to-date version of your CRA is now available for you at any time on your Coalition Dashboard.

For Brokers

The CRA is now available in your broker dashboard immediately after you submit a quote.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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