Most cyber insurance policies treat the waiting period as a time-based retention (i.e., you get no coverage for business interruption losses & extra expenses during the first 8 hours of the incident).  Coalition is different.  For us the waiting period is a trigger. 

This means that the duration of the business interruption event must exceed 8 hours before coverage is triggered, but Coalition will cover the entire business interruption loss starting from the start of the incident, subject to the coverage retention.  

This means the insured doesn't have to guess how much risk they retain, it is always capped at the policy retention.  Beyond this, the waiting period only applies to business interruption and extra expenses.  All other coverages could be triggered at the first sign of an incident, including breach response coverage.  

When a Coalition policyholder uses an approved DDoS mitigation service provider (, Coalition will provide an enhanced 1-hour waiting period for business interruption events triggered by a Denial of Service Attack. This is unprecedented in the marketplace and a significant benefit to Coalition's policyholders.

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