When obtaining a Coalition quote, you're asked whether a prospective insured has had a prior incident or claim. Coalition does not disqualify anyone from coverage due to past claims, but since Coalition insurance includes full priors acts by default, you will be asked for details of any incident.

Here's the information needed:

Prior insurer (if any): The name of the carrier notified regarding event, if applicable. 

Claim number assigned: Claim number assigned by carrier, if applicable. 

Summary of event: Basic summary of event that will give us enough detail so we can properly label/identify the event. “On April 1, 2017, an employee of the insured opened an unidentified email attachment causing his computer to freeze. Soon thereafter, all computers seized. In response, the insured contacted their insurance carrier and retained a data breach coach. Forensics company X was also hired. Forensics company X discovered was able to locate clean backups and able to restore the company’s data.  No report was generated.”

Law enforcement notified: Yes/No

Law enforcement report: Request report and or report number. 

Remediation actions: What controls or remediation actions has the insured implemented/taken to prevent a similar incident? (as applicable)

(Based upon the event, secondary questions may be required.)

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