Coalition offers technology errors & omissions (tech E&O) coverage as an optional endorsement to cyber insurance coverage. Tech E&O coverage protects companies from mishaps in the delivery of their technology products and services.

Brokers may add tech E&O to their Coalition quote in two places in the online platform.


For industries commonly needing tech E&O coverage (think software and services), Coalition will ask if the prospective company has E&O coverage already, and whether you'd like to include Coalition's tech E&O coverage in the current quote. If you say yes, the coverage will be included before you start customizing the quote.


For nearly all industries, tech E&O coverage may also be added while customizing coverage.

After describing the product and/or service, there's only a handful of questions, ending in a simple declaration of standard contract clauses.

With that, tech E&O is added to your quote.

The only step left is Finalize Quote.

Don’t fret if you don’t see a price online! We’ll release pricing after your quote has been submitted. And just like our cyber coverage, any quotes which require review are generally released within 24 hours.

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