Congratulations! Your customer has agreed to purchase the Coalition insurance quote you've created for them. Here's the simple steps necessary to bind the quote at Coalition, using the (fictional) example of Faraday's Freezing Co.

First, find the quote in your Coalition dashboard.

For older quotes, you may want to visit the Quotes page or use the search feature.

Second, click on the client to see quotes within the client. If you still don't see the quote, then click "view client". You'll see all the quotes for that client there. Click on the specific quote to bring up the view quote menu

Third, click the "Bind" button on the Quote View panel.

Note: Coalition will check that all applicable broker and agency licenses are in place for the state of the insured. If a license is missing, you'll be asked to provide it -- we work with agencies to load licenses when onboarding as much as possible.

Fourth, confirm Effective Date.

You may edit the Effective Date. Coalition allows you to set the Effective Date up to 15 days in the past and up to the expiration date of the quote into the future. (Need something custom? Contact us.)

Fifth, enter the client's email address.

This address is used to request e-signature of the application and provide access to the Coalition apps platform and policyholder dashboard.

New Jersey only: This screenshot example is in New Jersey, which has one additional requirement for the Surplus Lines Agency (SLA) Transaction Number. Brokers binding a quote for a New Jersey company also need to complete the Number, using the provided Coalition policy # for their internal systems.


As the broker, you will be emailed the Binder, which is valid for 10 days.

The client will be emailed at the address provided to digitally sign the application, terms of service, and state-specific surplus lines notification (if any) in one simple bundle, and also gain access to the Coalition apps.

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