Pre-claims assistance is a benefit that Coalition provides to all of its policyholders. This assistance may be used to pay for legal, forensic, or IT costs to help you mitigate or prevent a claim or incident before it happens. 

For example, if you receive an extortion notice threatening a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against your company, potentially crippling your computer systems, pre-claims assistance can be made available to you to cover the costs of a DDoS mitigation service to prevent the incident.

The amount of pre-claims assistance available to you may be found on your Coalition quote, binder of insurance, or policy. This benefit is included within, and not in addition to, the policy premium. Any such fees must be incurred with our prior consent.  Amounts provided as pre-claims assistance are not subject to the policy retention, although they are subject to your policy's aggregate limit of liability. 

In addition to pre-claims assistance, all Coalition policyholders also have 24/7 access to Coalition's Security Team, who are available to help you implement protective actions and loss controls, or help respond to an incident at no additional cost (outside of the policy limit and retention/deductible).

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